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RSS Feeds
What is an RSS Feed?
A format for content distribution, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a system that allows a user to get automatic updates from multiple web sites whenever new content is published on these sites. It acts like a personal web reader by checking your selected sites regularly for new content. If you set up an RSS feed from the New York Times Sports section, for example, you would be notified whenever a new article was posted. The notification takes place in an RSS Reader.

How do I start using RSS Feeds?
To use a site's RSS feature, an RSS reader is required.
  • Choose an RSS reader. An internet search will return many options. Some readers are web-based, such as Google Reader, My MSN, My Yahoo and Bloglines. Web-based readers require no software installation and are accessible from any computer that has Internet access.  Other readers are downloadable applications, such as Feedreader or FeedDemon.
  • Once you've chosen an RSS reader, follow the instructions to download, install, and open the reader.
  • Decide what type of content you want the RSS reader to monitor. Many web sites provide RSS, which can usually be found on those sites as a link. An orange button is often used to display the service's availability. Sometimes the RSS feed is automatically added to the RSS reader and updates are sent every time new content is available. Alternatively, you may have to click the RSS link and copy it into your RSS reader.
The following topics on OurTown website have been designated as RSS feeds.  Click on any RSS Iconicon to the left of the topic you wish to subscribe to, then click on the same icon when you get to the designated page.

Subsubcribable Feeds
Click here to go to Town News
Town News
Click here to go to the Public Meeting Calendar
Meeting Calendar
Click here to go to Recreation Notices
Recreation Notices
Click here to go to the Recreation Calendar
Recreation Calendar
Click here to go to the Board of Selectmen Agendas
Board of Selectmen Agendas

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